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Sport Access Foundation - latest round of grants released

Sunday, May 7, 2023
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Paralympic Gold Medallist Katie Kelly OAM PLY has opened the Sport Access Foundation (SAF) 7th consecutive year of offering sporting grants.

This year we would like to specifically acknowledge for our 2023 grants program, those in our community of donors and supporters who have fundraised and who all in their own way advocate for Sport Access Foundation. These everyday Australians have played their part in ensuring we can make Sport more accessible for young Australians living with a disability.

We pay tribute to three members of our community in today’s announcement, including the late Maria Cummins, Brendyn Appleby Strength and Conditioning (BASC) and the Founder of Exco Health, Jacob Holt. Details of their contributions are included below.

SAF provides annual grants to support 7-17 year-olds with disability to access and further develop their chosen sporting pathways. The aim is to improve the participation rate of young Australians with a disability to sport, and ensure there is no barrier to their participation alongside their able bodied sporting mates.

Our grants cover four categories of identified needs for children and teenagers with a disability to play sport. They include:

  1. Pathway to Paralympics Grant, our marquee grant, sponsored by Compeat Performance - Total: $3,000 | $1,500 x 2 grants
  2. BlueScope Sporting Club Grant, helping our clubs become more inclusive - Total: $8,000 | $2,000 x 4 grants
  3. Sport Access Foundation No Barriers Grant, removing barriers for our young Australians aged 7-12 years to participate in their sports - Total $5,000 | $500 x 10 grants
  4. Sport Access Foundation Kick Start Grant, developing the aspirations of our young Australians to further their sporting participation and representative goals - Total: $4,000 | $1,000 x 4 grants

Katie Kelly OAM PLY founded Sport Access Foundation in 2017 after winning the first-ever Paratriathlon Gold Medal for Australia at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Through her experience of being hearing and sight-impaired, Katie saw the need to provide assistance to young Australians living with a disability keen to participate in sport.

"More than ever we need access to sport and to live a healthy lifestyle. Sport has many benefits and for our young Australians living with a disability we must ensure there is no barrier for them to participate and engage in sport on the same playing field as their mates and sporting friends."
"We are here for every young Australian aged 7-17 years, living with a disability. Whatever your sport, and whatever your disability we want to help you stay active and be able to enjoy the sports you love.”

As well as improving overall inclusion in sport, Ms Kelly said Sport Access Foundation grants are increasingly helping Australian para-sport champions on their road to success.

"Every year we continue to watch our recipients develop into regular participants of their sport. Whatever their goal is, we are proud to witness them achieve in their own way.”

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