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Monday, December 4, 2023
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This is a 'how to' podcast for anyone who wants to create a great place to work.

Here, culture leaders will share their insights on how they build great cultures and I'll be sharing my experiences of helping organisations to establish and evolve winning cultures.

Published by Colin Ellis:

It was an honour to talk with Katie Kelly OAM PLY - Paralympian, advocate and activist, all round good human and culture maker! Katie generously shares her story with us, her evolving condition (called Usher syndrome which is characterised by partial or total hearing loss and vision loss that worsens over time), her Olympic experiences, her calling to help others and what she thinks businesses and organisations can do to improve the experience and equity for disabled employees. Katie is the founder of the Sport Access Foundation, providing grants for young Australians living with a disability to improve their access to sport.

She is also a Non-Executive Director for Achieve Australia, an Industry Fellow with Griffith University’s Disability Inclusive Council, a co-Patron of the Australian Deaf Games, and is a Facilitator for a Victoria University Sport Inclusion Project. Katie works as the Disability Engagement Manager for MEGT (Australia) Ltd, an NFP providing apprenticeship and employment services.

If that sounds like a lot, you should also know that Katie's idea of a lazy time is hiking the Camino trail!

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