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PICA renew Team KK sponsorship for Tokyo 2021 Paralympics 

Monday, September 28, 2020
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I am so proud to announce  that PICA Group have renewed their sponsorship so that I can to continue to train full time in Para-triathlon as I seek to qualify for my second Paralympics, Tokyo 2021 Paralympics. This quest to represent Australia has presented every kind of hurdle – injuries, new Guides, moving to the Gold Coast, COVID19 - and in between managing the degenerative condition I have resulting in vision and hearing loss. All of these things I do no shy away from. That’s life. I always aim to take the positives, and to embrace and work through every discomfort and unease that these challenges often bring.

I am determined to build on the success of winningAustralia’s first Gold medal in Para-triathlon at the Rio 2016 Paralympics where the sport made its debut.

PICA Group is supporting an athlete outside the mainstream, not in the mass market of sport, who has a disability, is a woman, and one whois proving age is no barrier to elite sports. In return PICA Group are enabling me to reach and engage with many Australians through my speaking engagements,Ambassador and charity work. I am able and willing to share my story, my own fears and I hope to influence others to not only achieve their full potential but importantly live an honourable life.

I am particularly proud that PICA Group’s support has also extended its support to Sport Access Foundation (SAF), the foundation I set up after Rio. SAF is a charity providing grants for children, with a disability, to play sport. PICA Group have done this without any ask, and I am privileged that they understood and respected the impact of Sport Access Foundation to improve the well-being of young Australians living with a disability.

Finally, what I value most about our partnership is the true care and investment PICA Group make to ensure I am supported and am able to train full time as a high-performance para-triathlete. I simply wouldn’t be able to do this without their support.

Thank you to CEO Wayne Walker and the PICA Group team.

I hope to do you and all Australians proud as I seek to qualify for Tokyo 2021 and line up with the best in the world in Para-triathlon (Vision Impaired class).

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