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Helping young athletes with a disability in sport

Friday, July 12, 2019
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Harvey Norman
PICA Group

This year Sport Access Foundation (SAF) increased our grants pool from $6,000 to $22,000. This may seem small change when compared to the distribution of funds from other charities, but we know that every cent makes a huge difference.

Last year SAF had 100 applicants representing more than 20 different types of disabilities from the physical challenges of cerebral palsy, Tourette’s syndrome, paraplegic, amputees to intellectual and learning challenges such as Aspergers and autism to the sensory impairments of blindness and deafness. Every cent is critical in helping young Australians living with a disability to gain access to participate in their sports.

I know from my own personal experience of the challenges of accessing equipment to participate in sport. Being legally blind with less than 10% vision, the only way I can compete in sport is with the help of a Guide and modified equipment such as a tandem bike.
Through the incredible support of my own community, I was able to raise funds to purchase a $28,000 tandem bike to compete in Paratriathlon at the Paralympics.

For many, the challenge to find funds simply to participate is just too great.

Every week I speak to parents who are struggling to enable their children to get involved in sport. They themselves are sometimes just scraping by so the additional costs to get their child with a disability into sport becomes a bridge too far. They’re often also trying to navigate the path of the NDIS to access support which can be a challenge and stressful.

Every child has the right to a safe and loving home, to education, good nutrition and the next important pillar is Sport.

We need to support our young children and teenagers with disabilities to purchase for example a chair for their wheelchair basketball, athletics or rugby, or to assist those with a properly functioning prosthetic leg for running; or assisting those who need their Guide or a carer with them to attend training and competitions.

All of these present significant additional financial burdens.

This year thanks to the support of our sponsors and contributors BlueScope, Harvey Norman and PICA Group, Sport Access Foundation has over $22,000 in grants that will help to young athletes with a disability get started in sport, or to take the next step and further their pathway in their chosen sport.

Closing Sunday 14 July, CLICK HERE to see the SAF 2019 grants.

We want to ensure as many have the opportunity to apply.

We appreciate the support of all Australians.

Every donation via our Sport Access Foundation website will ensure we can continue to increase our grant program each year and importantly give our young children and teenage the joy and rewards of being part of a sport and playing with their mates.

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